Cashmere Illusions

Welcome to my musings. I must start by thanking you for your gift of time. I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or thoughts. Cheers! ~The Life is in the Blood~

Fang Fic – A Vampire Vignette By J. Lynne Moore Dearest Alucard, My mind is filled with irrational thoughts. Ever since you came to Japan, I have not been able to clear the last words you spoke to me from my consciousness. I knew others of my kind existed, but no one of your caliber…no […]

A Wicked Brew By J. Lynne Moore Her steady hand moved with grace, As the cauldron bubbled in this wicked place. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, She would have her revenge, for she knew the truth. Banished he would be, from his sinful life, No more to cause her […]

Mermaids By J. Lynne Moore Silver ripples float on a cobalt sea, As whispers swirl in the subtle wind. Kaleidoscope flowers feed the honey bees, The line between realms starts to bend. For if you sit silent and still, A bit of magic may be revealed; An enchanted spectacle sure to thrill, As mythical mermaids […]

The Pack By J.Lynne Moore Hear the dogs bark and call, They ran away, jumped the wall. Wandering far, far, from home, Knowing not, to where they roam. A pack of brothers standing tall, Never to be locked within the pawl. They spend their nights among the brome; Long days napping upon the loam. Bay […]

Father of the Damned By J. Lynne Moore Heaven has turned her back to me; while the damned of hell, call me….Father. Oh ravenous hunger! I am your slave for eternity; Can you never be satisfied? Crimson ichor, wet my lips! For in your burgundy river, I find… Life that was once mine. Life, that […]

Father of Fear By J. Lynne Moore Ahhh the smell of home, the old country…how I have longed to be home again…my true home. Romania…it rolls of the tongue, like royal blood slides down the throat. Yet…nothing is the same, life…death…NOTHING! They do not fear me anymore. Don’t they know that fear makes the blood […]

Red Dress By J. Lynne Moore Red dress fell, With a story to tell; Crumpled and torn, Last time worn. Smooth as snake skin, Caused many a sin. Went with her smile, Was just her style. Rocked the club, But that’s the rub; Then came apart, He stopped her heart. A red dress fell, With […]