Jessie Lynne Moore, is a poet coming into her own.  She started writing poetry almost 35 years ago, as a teenager, with the hopes of becoming a published poet.  However, life had a different path for Jessie, as a wife and mother.  She married in her early twenties and had two sons, whom she devoted her life too.  She spent the next twenty-five years homeschooling her sons, as well as running her household and being very involved with 4-H as a leader.  Poetry would have to wait.

Now, divorced, her children grown and starting families of their own, she is splitting her time between writing and homeschooling her grandchildren.  In January 2016 she decided to pick up her personal passion and vowed to work toward her long held dream of being a published author.

Finding Wattpad in the summer of 2016, has been one of the most gratifying experiences of her life.  It has renewed her passion for writing and given her the confidence to follow her dreams.

Jessie has several featured poems and poetry collections on Wattpad and her poetry has won several Wattpad competitions.  She has also written several short stories and hopes to write more in the future.

She is on track to self-publish a book of her original poetry as well as a book of children’s poems she has written for her grandchildren.

Jessie’s motto is “If you BELIEVE, dreams really do come true!”

The Life is in the Blood!