Dance of the Tides

Dance of the Tides

By J. Lynne Moore

The tides will not wait,
for the hearts of men.
They dance with naked stars,
and have no shame in sin.

They ride the waves of eternity,
cutting a path of faith;
content in lunar harmony,
loved by the moonbeam wraith.

A boundary set between worlds,
salt and sand collide.
No force can bring an end,
to the ballet of the tide.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved



By J.Lynne Moore

Did you hear the waves,
Under the curtsied moon?
Speak the name of love,
Of the nightingale and the loon.

They whisper to the stars,
All the gossip of the day;
About the lonely wind,
And the love it keeps at bay.

The waves speak of many things,
Of heartache and despair…
Of love and laughter and longing,
And secrets lovers share.

The waves babble and roar,
And sing songs soft and sweet;
While dancing with the sandy shore,
In love’s embrace replete.

So did you hear the waves?
Chatting through the night.
Telling all the tales,
Of earth’s heavenly flight.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Walking Water

Walking Water
By J.Lynne Moore

Water walks to the wayward shore,
Over and under the sparkling decor.
The gleaming shadows,
Harbor no secret gloss,
From the weeping emerald moss.

Twisting and turning across its bed.
In a leisurely pursuit of what’s ahead.
Carving a path all its own,
Washing away all circumstance,
Moving along in a heavenly dance.

Carrying life to all who will sup,
From its succulent refreshing cup.
Caressing the banks in a gentle embrace,
Bubbling with effervescent delight,
It’s beauty ripples day and night.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved