Fang Fic – A Vampire Vignette

Fang Fic – A Vampire Vignette

By J. Lynne Moore

Dearest Alucard,

My mind is filled with irrational thoughts. Ever since you came to Japan, I have not been able to clear the last words you spoke to me from my consciousness. I knew others of my kind existed, but no one of your caliber…no one who could be my equal.

Darling, I am not so naive to think that you could ever truly love me, but I will, with the whole of my existence, strive to be your most faithful companion.

Seras Victoria, is nothing but a dirty-blood; though she shows you great loyalty, she can never understand what it is to be pure.

Allow me to be your queen, we will rule the shadows together. Let me spend eternity proving that I am the woman that deserves to be at your side. You know the power that is held within my veins. You know that with me by your side, we will be unstoppable.

Alucard, let my words not fall on deaf ears. Eternity is ours, the night is ours…we can take the House of Hellsing to heights that it has not known before.

I eagerly await your reply,
Your humble servant…

Saya Otonashi

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

A Wicked Brew

A Wicked Brew

By J. Lynne Moore

Her steady hand moved with grace,
As the cauldron bubbled in this wicked place.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,
She would have her revenge, for she knew the truth.

Banished he would be, from his sinful life,
No more to cause her dead heart strife.

The wings of a fly and a rotten toad,
The sweat from a horse a sailor rode.

Forty-two stalks of swamp root grass,
A pinch of ruby dust and the gills of a bass.

Boil it for five and stir it twice,
Then test the juice out on a pair of mice.

Victory would be hers by the break of dawn,
One tiny sip and he would be gone.

No more would he lie, no more would he cheat,
In moments he would be sitting in the devil’s seat.

“Drink my love, your morning brew.”
She cackled to herself, “If he only knew!”

He thought he was smart and oh so clever,
Now he calls hell home, forever and ever.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved



By J. Lynne Moore

Silver ripples float on a cobalt sea,
As whispers swirl in the subtle wind.
Kaleidoscope flowers feed the honey bees,
The line between realms starts to bend.

For if you sit silent and still,
A bit of magic may be revealed;
An enchanted spectacle sure to thrill,
As mythical mermaids are unconcealed.

With scales of sage and crimson and gold,
They splash about in the mermaid cove;
And when they moon is full, bright and bold,
It shines its spot light on this treasure trove.

Locks of seaweed drape their elegant frames,
Their fishy tails flip, flap and flop;
And sway with the tide as it waxes and wanes,
You’ll hope their siren songs never stop.

As the sky breaks with lemony light,
The magical vale begins to thin and fades;
Before you know it, they are all out of sight,
And ends the dance of the mystic mermaids.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

The Cat House – Vampire Vignette

The Cat House

By J. Lynne Moore

“Girls, are you ready?”

“Yes, Madam Gwen.”

“The XO will have their heard here in town this evening. Even though they’ll have twenty or so hands, we will take no more than three. Who fed last?”

“Sara, Janie and Laura”

“Okay, you three girls watch me and I’ll point out your targets, after I talk to Art. When y’all have them ready let the others know.”

“Yes, Madam Gwen.”

“Bubba will be working the door, he’ll make sure them boys leave their wheel guns up front. Now y’all go make your selves perdy.”


“Welcome back Art, good to see ya darlin’.”

“Look at you! Gwen, you ain’t aged a day!”

“Well you rascal, you ain’t got to flatter me after all these years, but I an’t gonna tell ya to stop.”

“Come here and let me taste those ruby lips.”

“Now that’s the kind of welcome I like, but business before pleasure, Art. Did you find some rounders?”

“Yes ma’am, a couple of brothers from Santa Fe and a wrangler from Pecos. Your girls will feed good tonight, that Texas boy is a biggin’.”

“Girls, dinner is served! Don’t get any blood on your dresses!”

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Ghoul Boy – A Vampire Vignette

Ghoul Boy
By J. Lynne Moore

Marvin cowered behind the dumpster; he held his breath, tears streamed down his face. Silently he prayed, “Please don’t let them find me.”

Growing up was not easy for Marvin, his mother being a funeral director and mortician didn’t help. The relentless teasing was becoming unbearable and it was escalating. In grade school, it was nicknames like “Mutant Marvin” and “Ghoul Boy”, but now, in high school, they had taken to beating him. He had to find a way to make it stop.

Suddenly, he felt a searing pain in the back of his neck… “They’ve found me!” …then all went back.

Marvin woke, finding himself laying on his mother’s stainless-steel table, his mother was there, but something was different, had her face always been that porcelain white?

In a sickly-sweet voice, she said, “I have a gift for you son…” She pointed to three open coffins each held a lifeless body of a bully. “Mother’s taken care of these, now the rest are for you…”

Behind her, tied up, were the other bullies, without hesitation Marvin pounced, sinking his newly found fangs into the neck of the nearest boy…

Revenge never tasted sweeter!

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Cosmic Romance

Cosmic Romance

By J.Lynne Moore

I see the sky,
And what’ya know…
The stars are singing,
With a heavenly glow.

They twinkle so bright,
As they sing their tune,
I think they’re in love,
With the crescent moon.

They confess their love,
For the universe to see.
The moon, not so shy,
Sparkles with glee!

A heavenly romance,
Of cosmic grandeur.
I watch from Earth,
As a silent voyeur.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Mother – A Vampire Vignette

Mother – Stories of the Raven Queen

By J. Lynne Moore

Waking from cryo-stasis BrayLynn Masters was disoriented and felt sick. As reality came into focus, his mind cleared and he began to remember his mission. BrayLynn slowly climbed out of the cryo-tube and headed for the recovery kit. As the recovery cocktail entered his veins his body began to burn, his heart raced, his mind was on fine. His last conscious thought was…

“This is not right, I’m dying…”

BrayLynn could hear nothing, see nothing, he couldn’t move, but…he realized he was hungry…not hungry…ravenous…it was overwhelming.

“What is happening?!?”

Finally, BrayLynn heard a sickly sweet voice.

“Get up child, you are born anew.”

Suddenly able to open his eyes, he was shocked to see before him, sat an old woman, or was she…. her silver hair was turning raven black and her wrinkled skin was giving way to porcelain. This made no sense, he was alone on the ship.

She came close… almost hovering over him…

Before he knew what he was doing BrayLynn grabbed the woman and sunk his teeth, viciously into her neck.

“Yes my child drink deep, I am now your…Mother.”

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved