Crossing the River

Crossing the River

By J. Lynne Moore

Slow is the soul,
In want of sleep,
Reckless dreams,
From rest, do keep.

There is no time,
Left on the clock.
Hark do you hear,
The crow of the cock.

Words are twisted,
They make no sense…
Tongue is tied to the,
Barbed wire fence.

Hades awaits,
The wayward soul;
Do you have a sixpence,
To pay the toll?

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

The Cat House – Vampire Vignette

The Cat House

By J. Lynne Moore

“Girls, are you ready?”

“Yes, Madam Gwen.”

“The XO will have their heard here in town this evening. Even though they’ll have twenty or so hands, we will take no more than three. Who fed last?”

“Sara, Janie and Laura”

“Okay, you three girls watch me and I’ll point out your targets, after I talk to Art. When y’all have them ready let the others know.”

“Yes, Madam Gwen.”

“Bubba will be working the door, he’ll make sure them boys leave their wheel guns up front. Now y’all go make your selves perdy.”


“Welcome back Art, good to see ya darlin’.”

“Look at you! Gwen, you ain’t aged a day!”

“Well you rascal, you ain’t got to flatter me after all these years, but I an’t gonna tell ya to stop.”

“Come here and let me taste those ruby lips.”

“Now that’s the kind of welcome I like, but business before pleasure, Art. Did you find some rounders?”

“Yes ma’am, a couple of brothers from Santa Fe and a wrangler from Pecos. Your girls will feed good tonight, that Texas boy is a biggin’.”

“Girls, dinner is served! Don’t get any blood on your dresses!”

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Cosmic Romance

Cosmic Romance

By J.Lynne Moore

I see the sky,
And what’ya know…
The stars are singing,
With a heavenly glow.

They twinkle so bright,
As they sing their tune,
I think they’re in love,
With the crescent moon.

They confess their love,
For the universe to see.
The moon, not so shy,
Sparkles with glee!

A heavenly romance,
Of cosmic grandeur.
I watch from Earth,
As a silent voyeur.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved



By J.Lynne Moore

In want of words,
For my loom;
To weave together,
A sentence bloom.

With gentle tone,
And humble pen;
Back and forth,
My tale does spin.

Of noble knights,
And wee fairy queens,
A blanket of words,
Reveals my dreams.

The shuttle slides,
Fast and then slow.
Onward now…
The words must flow!

The tapestry complete,
Varied shades and hues.
I rest my pen,
In contemplative muse.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved



By J.Lynne Moore

Dance with my reflection,
The one I see in your eyes.
Tell me how I am perfect,
And other beautiful lies.

Wander not from this moment;
For the future is unseen.
Love me with your wicked ways,
Cut lose your noble mien.

Let’s give the gossips fodder,
To chew on in the night.
While caution eats the crow,
We will love until it’s trite.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Night Wings

Night Wings

By J.Lynne Moore

When night dawns it’s lacy veil,
And the saffron sun lays to rest;
Winged creatures creep and crawl,
From their amply hidden nest.

To the warmth of ersatz light,
They flit and fly and flock,
And to the humans in their midst,
They gleefully like to mock.

The kitten pounces at each flutter.
To the human’s satisfaction…
Yet the mothy creatures prevail,
With their dexterous reaction.

Finally, illumination is extinguished,
And darkness has it’s day.
The insect creatures of the night,
Quietly flit and fly away.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

The Maiden and the Spriggan King

The Maiden and the Spriggan King

By J.Lynne Moore


“T’is the equinox!” She said,

as she cackled soft and meek.

“The moon will be my candle,

tonight vengeance will speak.”


Upon the mossen floor,

a fairy-ring was laid;

tender care was taken,

his betrayal shall be repaid.


Her brumous figure quivered,

her incantation spoke,

“Tarry not dear spirits,

your power I do invoke.”


“My body lays among,

the lilies of the spring.

Please grant me this request,

oh mighty Spriggan King!”


The words she whispered, woke

what slept within the wood.

Tonight her unbound spirit,

would be laid to rest for good.


The Spriggan King appeared,

before her in the gloom,

along with his horde of Red Caps,

their lips sticky with grume.


“His name is not important,

it’s his deeds that make him bad.”

Resolve grew within her voice,

at last revenge would be had.


“Tonight he walks the streets,

in search of victims sweet.

Innocent blood is taken,

from those he happens to meet.”


“I will not welcome heaven,

until his spirit burns!

Hell will be his eternal home,

trapped within the guerns!”


The Spriggan King accepted,

her request so sincere.

Surrounded by his Red Caps,

his intention was very clear.


The cobbled streets were silent,

as the knave wandered alone;

unaware of his ill fortune,

tonight he would not return home.


The swiftness of the Red Caps,

made quick work of this fiend.

With wicked wetted teeth,

his bones they fleetly cleaned.


Heaven welcomed her soul;

his claimed by the gates of hell.

Victory wrought by the forest guardians,

her vengeance they did quell.


Lilies dancing around her grave,

awaken the flora of spring.

The forest fauna rejoice,

as they welcome new offspring.


The forest guardians now rest,

deep within the mists untold,

enjoying nature’s serenity,

watching springtide unfold.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved


The Garden

The Garden

By J.Lynne Moore


Enter now the flowered bed,

That held our bones the night we wed.

Winter laps at petals soft;

Cynical, the sun, at or love has scoffed.


Tender stems now break away;

My heart smashed, dust of clay.

One last time, let mercy flow,

And taste my soul before you go.


Wilted now the flowered bed,

The love that tended it, is dead.

Winter’s chill claims this garden plot,

The flowers have melted all to rot.


Leave me here with this flora, frozen…

Move ahead on the path you have chosen.

I will not leave the flowered bed again,

I close my eyes and remember when…


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Cashmere Illusions

Cashmere Illusions

By J.Lynne Moore


Purple visions swell,

creamy night implodes,

upon the lesser universe.


Chalk filled vacuity,


within the vacuous cosmos.


Unfurling cashmere illusions,

envelope all voyagers,

wending through the macrocosm.


Bloodless lunar bombardments,

shower endlessly,

over the eternal amaranth.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved