River Song

River Song

By J. Lynne Moore

‘Tis the river’s song
that leads me nigh;
Through the meadows low,
under the open sky.

A wee dainty tune;
nature’s holy hymn.
Sung on a whisper,
through the shadows dim.

I stroll through the grass,
laden with dew.
My soul joins the chorus;
my heart beats anew.

The jewels in the heavens,
sparkle with delight.
Keeping perfect time,
with the opera’s flight.

By the shore, I now sit,
my toes are not shy,
And find their way gladly,
to the water…I sigh.

Just a moment of bliss;
in a life lived long.
A moment to remember,
singing the river song.

© 2016 -2018 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

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