Envy Machine

Envy Machine

By J. Lynne Moore

Beat back the hypnotic envy machine;
Sneaky little beggar, vagabond queen.

Meaty little bits, a treat left for all,
Ponder the apparatus’ frantic call.

Billowing decay…Kiss that trashy snake?
Hollow promises, far-flung and half-baked.

Stereotyped to death, prosecute none;
Scrawl their names in blood, it’s all come undone.

Savor what victory? None to be had…
Saturate the languid, envious clad.

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The Night Freddie Met His Doom

The Night Freddie Met His Doom

By J. Lynne Moore

He found himself alone in the dark,
Freddie had spent five, dark, soulless nights,
In the cold dead space of the silent, uninvited hills.

The clock tower chimed the 11th hour
And he was surrounded by the evil dead.
He had been the 7th guest of a hideous corpse party.

But now everyone had been left for dead.

Freddie knew he shall never make it until dawn,
For when the evil within had its way
He would assuredly be dead by daylight.

The evil residents of this fatal frame,
Were the blood borne spawn of hell,
And the dead were rising to take him away…

It would be a dark decent into eternal darkness…

Down to Dante’s Inferno of the condemned!

A/N – This is just a fun poem, an ode to many of my favorite video games.

© 2016 -2018 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

His Name is Hate

His Name is Hate

By J. Lynne Moore

He lurks, the Dragon,
playing with his toys,
constructs of human flesh;
supping on the juice of their fear.

As the cat, he pounces!
No shame or regret,
holds him back…
As we sit on our soft chairs of complacency.

Like daily vitamins,
we casually swallow his lies,
drink from his cup of oppression,
closing our eyes to the destruction.

To endure we must…
Shine a flashlight of hope,
onto his vile intent,
and banish him… HATE…FOREVER.

© 2016 -2018 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved