The Lady is a Tramp

The Lady is a Tramp

By J. Lynne Moore

Walked in she did, nonchalant;
Tawdry, yet faithful, smile.
Laughable was her spirit,
Unattainable, walk in her shoes a mile.

With a utopian air, resonating;
She would boggle the mind.
Send you to the blinking moon.
Is she being grandiose or just kind?

Cheap perfume wafting in her shadow,
Overflowing with sassy grace.
You can’t help but love her;
As you stare into her rhetorical face.

Where did she float in from?
Where does she plan to drift off too?
Keep on asking your silly questions…
She will be gone after she uses you.

© 2016 -2018 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

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