Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

By J. Lynne Moore

Sleep will come,
On the day,
We lay down arms,
Put our hate away.

Peaceful rest,
Earned by all,
When we stop to,
Heed the Master’s call.

Brothers and sisters,
Hand in hand,
Working to heal,
Our broken land.

Let us love,
And bury fear,
A day of redemption,
Is very near.

Join me now,
On hallowed ground,
Raise our voices,
In a joyous sound.

The love of the Father,
Sacrifice of the Son,
Wisdom of the Spirit,
If for all not just one.

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Ghoul Boy – A Vampire Vignette

Ghoul Boy
By J. Lynne Moore

Marvin cowered behind the dumpster; he held his breath, tears streamed down his face. Silently he prayed, “Please don’t let them find me.”

Growing up was not easy for Marvin, his mother being a funeral director and mortician didn’t help. The relentless teasing was becoming unbearable and it was escalating. In grade school, it was nicknames like “Mutant Marvin” and “Ghoul Boy”, but now, in high school, they had taken to beating him. He had to find a way to make it stop.

Suddenly, he felt a searing pain in the back of his neck… “They’ve found me!” …then all went back.

Marvin woke, finding himself laying on his mother’s stainless-steel table, his mother was there, but something was different, had her face always been that porcelain white?

In a sickly-sweet voice, she said, “I have a gift for you son…” She pointed to three open coffins each held a lifeless body of a bully. “Mother’s taken care of these, now the rest are for you…”

Behind her, tied up, were the other bullies, without hesitation Marvin pounced, sinking his newly found fangs into the neck of the nearest boy…

Revenge never tasted sweeter!

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Walking Water

Walking Water
By J.Lynne Moore

Water walks to the wayward shore,
Over and under the sparkling decor.
The gleaming shadows,
Harbor no secret gloss,
From the weeping emerald moss.

Twisting and turning across its bed.
In a leisurely pursuit of what’s ahead.
Carving a path all its own,
Washing away all circumstance,
Moving along in a heavenly dance.

Carrying life to all who will sup,
From its succulent refreshing cup.
Caressing the banks in a gentle embrace,
Bubbling with effervescent delight,
It’s beauty ripples day and night.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Choose Love

Choose Love
By J.Lynne Moore

Back against the wall,
Out there, what do I see…
A world out of control,
Screaming in front of me.

Don’t dip your toe in the water,
You might not get it back.
The raging beast inside,
Will never give you slack.

So much hate from all sides;
Humans run in vicious packs,
Eating those weaker souls,
That have yellow down their backs.

Wake up each morning and choose,
Pour yourself a cup of love,
Share it with your brothers.
Take off the hater’s glove!

Blink your eye, your life is done…
Don’t take the time to wait.
Rage against the venom,
See to the extinction of hate.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

The Heart of Man

The Heart of Man
By J. Lynne Moore

In the end…
Who will know,
Who killed the dog
or ate the crow?

Who will remember,
The lover’s game,
That broke a heart,
In Heaven’s name?

The will of man,
Is a fickle toy;
Wrought with fear,
Forged with joy.

In the sands of time,
Who will erase,
The deeds of evil,
In want of grace?

Hope may die,
But not the soul…
When courage steps forth,
To pay envy’s toll.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Bette Davis Style

Bette Davis Style
By J.Lynne Moore

History screams on high,
The beauty of…
A Bette Davis eye.
Class and style,
Define her fame.
Black and white reels,
Color her name.

Red carpet rolling,
Twixt the valley of stars;
Marquee extolling,
Laurels of praise.
Love her or not…
Talent doesn’t lie,
No approval is sought.

Rival her never!
She is the voyager,
With red, red lips…
Her victory is in the dark;
Dancing on the silver scene,
Respect is her due,
Of style, she is the queen.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

The Dinner Table – A Vampire Vignette

The Dinner Table – Stories of the Raven Queen

By J.Lynne Moore

For those seated at the table there was nothing to be felt but horror, cradled in shock and disbelief. Every one of them had faced insurmountable odds, the ravages of war and death, but nothing in their valiant lives had prepared them for this.

Each man in the room had pledged their honor and their lives to the King that now lay dead on the round table in front of them.

Then the horror gave way to fear when their Queen, Guinevere, entered the room, her dress decorated with fresh blood. With a sickly-sweet smile on her porcelain face, that grotesquely framed the ivory fangs in her mouth, she spoke in a voice only the demons of hell could love…

“Get up my King, your knights have come for dinner…”

With that Arthur’s eyes opened and he turned toward Lancelot, his hideous fangs glimmering in the candlelit room.

“I think I’ll start with you…”

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Cosmic Romance

Cosmic Romance

By J.Lynne Moore

I see the sky,
And what’ya know…
The stars are singing,
With a heavenly glow.

They twinkle so bright,
As they sing their tune,
I think they’re in love,
With the crescent moon.

They confess their love,
For the universe to see.
The moon, not so shy,
Sparkles with glee!

A heavenly romance,
Of cosmic grandeur.
I watch from Earth,
As a silent voyeur.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Cosmic Outing

Cosmic Outing

By J. Lynne Moore

Sliding on the rings of Saturn,
Breathing in comet dust;
Chatting with the yellow stars,
Cheering as they brightly combust.

Next,I found my way to Venus,
It was a lovely afternoon stroll.
I decided to have a picnic,
Though the company was rather droll.

Lastly, was my jaunt to Mars,
Where orange sandcastles stand;
And listened to the music,
Of a punk rock Martian band.

Now I floated home again,
Through the emptiness of space.
Back to my mansion in Heaven,
To rest in my Father’s grace.

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere Illusions.blog /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Mother – A Vampire Vignette

Mother – Stories of the Raven Queen

By J. Lynne Moore

Waking from cryo-stasis BrayLynn Masters was disoriented and felt sick. As reality came into focus, his mind cleared and he began to remember his mission. BrayLynn slowly climbed out of the cryo-tube and headed for the recovery kit. As the recovery cocktail entered his veins his body began to burn, his heart raced, his mind was on fine. His last conscious thought was…

“This is not right, I’m dying…”

BrayLynn could hear nothing, see nothing, he couldn’t move, but…he realized he was hungry…not hungry…ravenous…it was overwhelming.

“What is happening?!?”

Finally, BrayLynn heard a sickly sweet voice.

“Get up child, you are born anew.”

Suddenly able to open his eyes, he was shocked to see before him, sat an old woman, or was she…. her silver hair was turning raven black and her wrinkled skin was giving way to porcelain. This made no sense, he was alone on the ship.

She came close… almost hovering over him…

Before he knew what he was doing BrayLynn grabbed the woman and sunk his teeth, viciously into her neck.

“Yes my child drink deep, I am now your…Mother.”

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