The Dinner Table – A Vampire Vignette

The Dinner Table – Stories of the Raven Queen

By J.Lynne Moore

For those seated at the table there was nothing to be felt but horror, cradled in shock and disbelief. Every one of them had faced insurmountable odds, the ravages of war and death, but nothing in their valiant lives had prepared them for this.

Each man in the room had pledged their honor and their lives to the King that now lay dead on the round table in front of them.

Then the horror gave way to fear when their Queen, Guinevere, entered the room, her dress decorated with fresh blood. With a sickly-sweet smile on her porcelain face, that grotesquely framed the ivory fangs in her mouth, she spoke in a voice only the demons of hell could love…

“Get up my King, your knights have come for dinner…”

With that Arthur’s eyes opened and he turned toward Lancelot, his hideous fangs glimmering in the candlelit room.

“I think I’ll start with you…”

© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

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