Day 11 Flying (04/27/2017)

Day 11 Flying

Thursday Food Journal

Breakfast –
Vitamins Taken
Breakfast Total – 0

Lunch –
Grilled chicken pesto salad – 520
Vinaigrette dressing – 90
Lunch Total – 610

Snack –
1 serving pretzels -100
1 cheese stick – 80
Snack Total – 180

Supper –
1 cup lite cottage cheese – 200
3 oz lean ham slices – 50
1 cup sugar snap peas – 35
Supper Total – 285

Snack –
1 serving kettle corn – 100
1 serving protein banana crunch – 100
Snack Total – 200

Day 11 Total Calories – 1275

Liquid Intake –
60 oz water
60 oz lite iced tea (unsweetened)

Exercise –
20 minutes assisted walking
1 Chair Warrior Yoga workout

So I can’t wait until next Monday weigh-in…drum roll… I met my first goal!! 10 lbs GONE!!! Today was a great day! I had tons of energy and I stuck to my meal plan really well and got all my exercise in!! I ordered yoga blocks so that I can start doing the next level of the Chair Warrior workouts next week.

This is almost like a dream, I can hardly believe that I am really doing this and feel so good about it. I have wanted to do this for so long and every time I would try I couldn’t get past the first few days, but this time is going to work!!

I really believe that a HUGE part of my success so far has been sharing all of this with you. I am doing this for me but I also don’t want to let all of you down and that has given me the strength to keep going through that first week. I know there may be bad days ahead, days that I want to quit or feel like it is not working but in this moment I feel like I am winning, I feel like this is going to be it, I am going to have my life back.

I have been saying THANK YOU but please know from the bottom of my heart, that all of you are helping to make a difference in my life and the meager words THANK YOU, will never be enough. This world is so big, but here on these cyber pages, you have become my friends, and every word of encouragement has been a blessing to me.

Okay enough gushing and touchy-feely stuff! LOL. I hope everyone has had a great day and I hope tomorrow is even better.

Gonna fly to the next goal, lose 10 more pounds!!!

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