Day 10 Flying (04/26/2017)

Day Ten Flying

Wednesday Food Journal

Breakfast –
Vitamins taken
Breakfast bar – 270
High Protein yogurt – 120
Coffee w/half&half – 40
Breakfast Total – 430

Lunch –
Protein Shake w/ 12 oz milk – 311
Lunch Total – 311

Supper –
6 oz boneless skinless chicken thighs – 280
1 cup green beans w/ onions – 45
Supper Total – 325

Day Ten Total Calories – 1086

Liquid Intake –
50 oz water
100 oz lite iced tea (unsweetened)

Exercise –
1 chair warrior yoga workout

It has been a very busy and long day. I felt good though and had lots of energy. I stuck to my eating plan, however I did skip my snack so I was about 120 under on my calories and I only got one workout done.

Sticking to the meal plan is getting easier and easier, I don’t feel as hungry and I don’t feel desperate to eat. I am really enjoying the yoga, it is fun and I feel like I will be sticking with it. I realize that it has only been a little over a week but with each day that goes by I feel like this is it, this is going to be the time I get this weight off and keep it off. This is going to be my time to fly!!

I hope everyone has a great day/night!

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