Day 7 Flying (04/23/2017)

Day Seven Flying

Sunday Food Journal

Breakfast –
Vitamins Taken
Breakfast Total – 0

Lunch –
Protein Bar – 270
Trail mix – 230
Lunch Total – 500

Snack –
2 slices Swiss Cheese – 180
Snack Total – 180

Supper –
Nachos made with –
Chips 2 oz – 278
Ground beef 4 oz – 243
Nacho cheese 2 oz – 100
Supper Total – 621

Day Seven Total Calories – 1301

Liquid Intake –
80 oz water
20 oz ICE Pink Grapefruit drink (0 cal.)

Slept in late so I ended up missing breakfast, but did good for the day, came in right at my target calorie count. I plan on starting my yoga tomorrow, I think I will do it twice a day, once in the morning and then in the evening as well. I will be doing DDP Yoga (Diamond Dallas Page), the Seated Warrior routines.

I will also start my meal prepping this week. We had decided to use up the perishable food we had in the house before we started our planned meals. So this week we will be concentrating on making sure, particularly our supper has a lean meat and either fresh or roasted vegetables. I will be trying to keep my carbs for breakfast only and lunch will be other sources of protein, protein shake, tuna, nuts and fruits, yogurts, and the such. Neither my son or I are big fans of fish, it is just something we do not grow up with here because fresh fish is almost impossible to get. However we have decided to start trying various kinds of fish and see if we can find some we like.

Tomorrow will also be my first weigh-in and it will be every Monday, going forward.

So that is about it for today. I hope everyone had a great weekend and I hope you have a safe and productive week.

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