Vivacious Love

Vivacious Love

By J.Lynne Moore



Damper clouds are pushed away,

The dawning of a cantankerous day.

Will you bring your heart to play?

Do not hold my love at bay!


Surly winds blow in and out,

I’ll stand with you, never doubt!

Lighting will flash and thunder shout;

Kiss my lips, don’t whine and pout!


We’ll ride it up, hold on down;

I am your queen, I’ll wear your crown.

You are my joy, my jester, my clown;

I’ll trade my smile for your frown.


Slumberous love is not our style;

We will face each yellow wicked trial.

They will eat our crow, all the while…

Walk with me to the very last mile.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Heirloom Flowers: Floral Poetry

Heirloom Flowers: Floral Poetry

By J.Lynne Moore

Over the past few years the hobby of preserving and growing heirloom flowers has become more mainstream.  The beauty and intricacies of these ancient strains of flora are certainly well worth the effort it takes to maintain them.


A lane of Yellow led the eye

Unto a Purple Wood

Whose soft inhabitants to be

Surpasses solitude

If Bird the silence contradict

Or flower presume to show

In that low summer of the West

Impossible to know –

by Emily Dickinson

What are heirloom flowers or seeds?  Well the exact definition is a bit hard to pin down.  There seems to be a great deal of debate on exactly how to categorize them.  However, the most basic definition of heirloom seeds/plants/flowers are ones that are “open pollinated” and documented to have been nurtured and cared for from one generation to the next within a family or small community.  To be considered “open pollinated” they must be pollinated by insects, birds, wind or other natural means.  The plants must retain the original traits of the parent plant or stay “breed true”.  Most heirloom enthusiasts agree on the definition up to this point, however the “date point” is what causes the most debate.  The general rule of thumb is that seeds that date back to the end of WWII, around 1945 to 1950 can be considered heirloom; others believe they should be at least 100 years old.


My Pretty Rose Tree

A flower was offered to me;

Such a flower as May never bore.


But I said I’ve a Pretty Rose-tree.


And I passed the sweet flower o’er.



Then I went to my Pretty Rose-tree:

To tend her by day and by night.


But my Rose turnd away with jealousy:

And her thorns were my only delight.


by William Blake


There is another category of heirloom flowers and that is “commercial heirlooms”.  These seeds have been documented as heirlooms, many of them having been acquired from the families that cultivated them or from seed companies that went out of business.

One place you can observe all the splendor and beauty of heirloom flowers is at The Smithsonian Heirloom Garden, located at the National Museum of American History, Behring Center.  Here are just a few of the magnificent flowers you can encounter:


In the Spring:

Jupiter’s Beard: This delicate flower blooms all summer long and is a Mediterranean native.

Johnny-jump-ups or Violas: This brightly colored flower was known to have been put in potions to ease the heart.


In the Summer:

Moonshine Yarrow: This golden flower is very popular today although it is fairly new in terms of heirloom as it only dates back to the 1950.

Rose campion: These colorful and bushy plants date back to the 1700’s, Thomas Jefferson grew them in his garden and their thick leaves were used as lamp wicks.


In the Fall:

Japanese anemone or “Queen Charlotte”: The first appearance of this lovely flower in America was in 1907, however, it dates back to 1898 in Germany.

True forget-me-not: The forget-me-not is prevalent in mythology and ancient lore.  It is said that it got its name from a knight who was picking the flowers by a stream, he fell in the water and drown due to his armor but before he perished he tossed the bouquet of flowers to his love and said, “forget me not”.




Hollyhock bells

Ring along the lane

Daisy parasols

Catch the rain


Daffodil cups

Filled with nectar

Dahlia plates

Sunshine collector


Rose hip gems

Sparkling delight

Nightshades deadly

Purple fright


Morning glory sundial

Signals the marrow

Evening Primrose

Welcomes tomorrow


by J.Lynne Moore


Investing in the cultivation of heirloom seeds is just one way to preserve our heritage and our history, not just American history, but the history of the world.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved


The Maiden and the Spriggan King

The Maiden and the Spriggan King

By J.Lynne Moore


“T’is the equinox!” She said,

as she cackled soft and meek.

“The moon will be my candle,

tonight vengeance will speak.”


Upon the mossen floor,

a fairy-ring was laid;

tender care was taken,

his betrayal shall be repaid.


Her brumous figure quivered,

her incantation spoke,

“Tarry not dear spirits,

your power I do invoke.”


“My body lays among,

the lilies of the spring.

Please grant me this request,

oh mighty Spriggan King!”


The words she whispered, woke

what slept within the wood.

Tonight her unbound spirit,

would be laid to rest for good.


The Spriggan King appeared,

before her in the gloom,

along with his horde of Red Caps,

their lips sticky with grume.


“His name is not important,

it’s his deeds that make him bad.”

Resolve grew within her voice,

at last revenge would be had.


“Tonight he walks the streets,

in search of victims sweet.

Innocent blood is taken,

from those he happens to meet.”


“I will not welcome heaven,

until his spirit burns!

Hell will be his eternal home,

trapped within the guerns!”


The Spriggan King accepted,

her request so sincere.

Surrounded by his Red Caps,

his intention was very clear.


The cobbled streets were silent,

as the knave wandered alone;

unaware of his ill fortune,

tonight he would not return home.


The swiftness of the Red Caps,

made quick work of this fiend.

With wicked wetted teeth,

his bones they fleetly cleaned.


Heaven welcomed her soul;

his claimed by the gates of hell.

Victory wrought by the forest guardians,

her vengeance they did quell.


Lilies dancing around her grave,

awaken the flora of spring.

The forest fauna rejoice,

as they welcome new offspring.


The forest guardians now rest,

deep within the mists untold,

enjoying nature’s serenity,

watching springtide unfold.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved


The Garden

The Garden

By J.Lynne Moore


Enter now the flowered bed,

That held our bones the night we wed.

Winter laps at petals soft;

Cynical, the sun, at or love has scoffed.


Tender stems now break away;

My heart smashed, dust of clay.

One last time, let mercy flow,

And taste my soul before you go.


Wilted now the flowered bed,

The love that tended it, is dead.

Winter’s chill claims this garden plot,

The flowers have melted all to rot.


Leave me here with this flora, frozen…

Move ahead on the path you have chosen.

I will not leave the flowered bed again,

I close my eyes and remember when…


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved

Our Right to Liberty

Our Right to Liberty

By J.Lynne Moore

“The love of liberty is the love of others; the love of power is the love of ourselves.

(1778 – 1830)” ― William Hazlitt

No Prisoner be

By Emily Dickenson

No Prisoner be —

Where Liberty —

Himself — abide with Thee –

“With Liberty and Justice for All”, these are the closing words of the Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America.  When Americans take this pledge, they are stating that they believe that liberty is one of the basic rights of every American.  In truth, we believe it is the right of every human, to be free to chase after liberty and to live within it.

“What light is to the eyes – what air is to the lungs – what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.”  ― Robert G. Ingersoll

Liberty is one of those words that has different meanings for different people.  Some people interpret it to mean anarchy; that liberty allows you to do whatever you want.  Others believe that liberties are only afforded to you by a government entity, only allowing people a set amount of rights and freedoms.  In reality, true liberty lies in the middle.  If everyone is allowed to define liberty on their own terms chaos will be allowed to rein.  However, we do in most cases need a form of sovereign government in place to ensure that liberties are not infringed upon by individuals or other nations.

The Old Stoic

By Emily Bronte

Riches I hold in light esteem,

And love I laugh to scorn;

And lust of fame was but a dream

That vanish’d with the morn:


And if I pray, the only prayer

That moves my lips for me

Is, “Leave the heart that now I bear,

And give me liberty!”


Yes, as my swift days near their goal,

‘Tis all that I implore:

In life and death a chainless soul,

With courage to endure


Liberty must be tempered with respect, virtue, and responsibility if it is to blossom. To this very subject Daniel Webster said, “A country cannot subsist well without liberty, nor liberty without virtue.”  We must respect the rights and liberties of other individuals even if our own beliefs and views are not the same.  We must agree that there are basic human virtues that transcend race, religion, sexuality and all else, i.e. murder is wrong.  We must also take responsibility for ourselves and make sure our actions do not infringe on other’s liberties.  As George Bernard Shaw put it in his play, Man and Superman, “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.”  We in turn should be able to expect others to show us the same respect as we take responsibility for our actions.  There is some middle ground here for all of us to stand on.  A platform of basic human values upon which we can all agree that will, in the end, afford us the blessings of living within the glorious harmony that liberty can provide.  In our Declaration of Independence there is a phrase that speaks to this:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” – Declaration of Independence

Whether you believe in a Creator or not, it does not matter, every human being deserves these basic rights and of these three rights, it is Liberty that allows the other two to be achieved.

But we must remember, True liberty must be clothed in the garments of respect, virtue and responsibility, for if you strip them away, you are left with naked anarchy.


“What light is to the eyes – what air is to the lungs – what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.”  ― Robert G. Ingersoll


“Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”

― Kahlil Gibran, The Vision: Reflections on the Way of the Soul



Edward Thomas, 1878 – 1917


The last light has gone out of the world, except

This moonlight lying on the grass like frost

Beyond the brink of the tall elm’s shadow.

It is as if everything else had slept

Many an age, unforgotten and lost

The men that were, the things done, long ago,

All I have thought; and but the moon and I

Live yet and here stand idle over the grave

Where all is buried. Both have liberty

To dream what we could do if we were free

To do some thing we had desired long,

The moon and I. There’s none less free than who

Does nothing and has nothing else to do,

Being free only for what is not to his mind,

And nothing is to his mind. If every hour

Like this one passing that I have spent among

The wiser others when I have forgot

To wonder whether I was free or not,

Were piled before me, and not lost behind,

And I could take and carry them away

I should be rich; or if I had the power

To wipe out every one and not again

Regret, I should be rich to be so poor.

And yet I still am half in love with pain,

With what is imperfect, with both tears and mirth,

With things that have an end, with life and earth,

And this moon that leaves me dark within the door.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved




Cashmere Illusions

Cashmere Illusions

By J.Lynne Moore


Purple visions swell,

creamy night implodes,

upon the lesser universe.


Chalk filled vacuity,


within the vacuous cosmos.


Unfurling cashmere illusions,

envelope all voyagers,

wending through the macrocosm.


Bloodless lunar bombardments,

shower endlessly,

over the eternal amaranth.


© 2016 -2017 Cashmere /J.Lynne Moore All Rights Reserved