Day 6 Flying (04/22/2017)

Day Six Flying

Saturday Food Journal

Breakfast –
Vitamins Taken
Breakfast bar – 270
Coffee w/cream – 100
Breakfast Total – 370

Lunch –
Ham sandwich – 270
Pretzels – 100
Lunch Total – 370

Snack –
Banana Crunch Protein snack – 100
Snack Total – 100

Supper – (Cheat Day Supper)
2 cups chicken enchiladas – 420
½ cup pinto beans – 120
Supper Total – 540

Snack –
1 cup chicken enchiladas – 210
Snack Total – 210

Day Six Total Calories – 1590
Over by 290

Liquid Intake –
60 oz water
80 oz lite iced tea (unsweetened)

Today was a nice lazy Saturday, I tried to eat lite for breakfast and lunch so that I had a few extra calories for my “cheat day” family dinner. I did very good for dinner and only had one decent sized portion. I did go back for seconds of the enchiladas later in the evening but only allowed myself a small portion and I skipped the dessert altogether. So I ended up over my calorie count by 290 but I am okay with that. Tomorrow will be my last day for this first week and I feel so great getting through week one!!

On one hand the week seemed to fly by but on the other hand I know I still have so far to go that it seems overwhelming. But I am trying to push those thoughts out of my head and look at it in very small segments. So I think I will set my first goal, just one small goal that can be easily attained and that is to lose 10lbs. If I can lose 10lbs at a time maybe it won’t feel so overwhelming. If I can lose 10lbs, 5 times…well you can see where I am going with this, LOL.

Well it is really late here, so I am going to pack it in for the night! I hope everyone has a great day/night!!

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