Day 5 Flying (04/21/2017)

Day Five Flying

Breakfast –
1 oat English muffin – 150
1 hard boiled egg – 78
1 slice cheese – 60
Coffee w/cream – 150
(Had an extra tbs)
Breakfast Total – 439

Lunch –
1 lite bread rounds – 100
1 beer brat – 230
1 slice cheese – 90
Lunch Total – 420

Supper –
Unwich Veggie Club – 700
Popcorn – 80
Supper Total – 780

Day Five Calorie Total – 1639
Over by – 339

Liquid Intake –
40 oz water
80 oz iced tea (unsweetened)

Was a really good day. I had lots of energy and stuck to my meal plan really well until supper. We were in town late and decided to pick something up for supper. My son suggested Jimmy John’s because they have Unwiches, sandwiches without bread, and their produce is always really fresh. I decided to get the veggie one thinking it would be good but I didn’t realize they put double cheese on them until after I had eaten the sandwich and looked it up. So I ended up over by 339 but I have done so well this week that I am not upset by that and they were not empty calories they were from the cheese and avocado. And oh my gosh it was an amazing unwich, LOL!

I have lost some weight, I am not going to say how much yet, I am going to have weigh-in days on Mondays. I will also be starting my seated yoga on Monday and I am looking forward to that. We will also be doing the meal prep starting on Monday.

Tomorrow is my “cheat” day for lack of a better word. I am going to try and stay as close to my calorie cap as I can, by eating lite for breakfast and lunch then at family dinner I will just make sure my portions are small.

Well I guess that is it for tonight. Thank you everyone for your tremendous support!!

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