Day 4 Flying (04/20/2017)

Day Four Flying

Breakfast –
Vitamins taken
1 Breakfast bar – 270
Coffee /w cream – 100
Breakfast Total – 370

Snack –
1 Hard boiled egg – 78
1st Snack Total – 78

Lunch –
Protein shake
/with 12 oz whole milk – 311
Lunch Total – 311

Snack –
4 Okra pickles – 10
2nd Snack Total – 10

Supper –
1 boneless/skinless chicken breast – 142
1 Beer brat – 230
1 ½ cups roasted vegetables – 48
(Peppers and onions)
Supper Total – 420

Snack –
2 Pkgs Freeze dried fruit – 80
3rd Snack Total – 80

Day Four Calorie Total – 1269

Liquid Intake –
50 oz light iced tea (unsweetened)
40 oz water

Today was a pretty good day, I did good on my meals and spread them out so I was able to have 3 snacks to help keep me from feeling hungry. I had a 31 calorie deficit so that is really good! I didn’t get as much liquid in as I should have today but I will make sure I stay on it tomorrow.

I did good all day, but this evening that little voice started telling me how I could just cheat a bit and no one would know. I could sneak some food and it would be okay. This is where I always get into trouble. I have always used food to make myself feel better, like a drug. I would find any excuse to “reward” myself with food and when I started I couldn’t stop. I am happy to report that I did not give in to that evil little voice, I CHOSE to say NO! I will not let my bad choices rule me anymore. I am going to choose to fly! Even if I have to make that choice minute by minute.

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