Day 3 Flying (04/19/2017)

Day Three Flying(04/19/2017)
Tuesday Food Journal
Breakfast –

Vitamins taken

1 Breakfast bar – 270

1 lg cup coffee – 0

2 tbs cream – 100


Breakfast Total – 370
Lunch –

Protein shake w/ 10 oz whole milk – 275

1 hard boiled egg – 78


Lunch Total – 353
Snack –

I serving pretzels – 140


Snack Total – 140
Supper –

1 ½ baked skinless chicken breasts – 213

2 slices Swiss cheese – 180


Supper Total – 393
Day Three Calorie Total – 1256
Liquid Intake –

40 oz water

100 oz light iced tea (non sweet)

Today was a much better day! I felt energized and was able to get lots done while sticking to my meal plan. I came in under my target calorie count so that is a plus!

I did do some adjusting to the times I am eating. I found that I was eating breakfast to early and it was just throwing off all of the day for me. This adjusted schedule seemed to work really well so I will try it for a few days and see if I still like it.

I suppose I would like to talk a little about how I got here. Where is here? Here is morbidly obese, or so the doctors say. I do not particularly like that term because even at my healthiest weight by doctors standards I was considered obese. Many of the medical community standards do not take certain factors into account when they are putting INDIVIDUALS into their categories. Even at the weight I am now I do not fit into the “norms”. I have never had high blood pressure, I am not diabetic and my cholesterol has always been in the normal range, I do not fit the typical description of a “fat person”. Let me back up a bit and tell you where my problems with weight started.

I grew up in a Hispanic community. Well over half of the kids I went to school with were from some sort of Hispanic or Native American descent. I was blonde hair, blue eyed, taller and bigger boned than almost all of my classmates. I was very introverted and did not make friends easily. The kids teased me mercilessly, calling me fat, pulling my hair, forcing me to sit in sticker bushes. Many of the teachers were related to the kids and were not of a mind to give much help. I do not say all of this to elicit sympathy, I just want to give a basis for how I came to see myself as fat, because I did. I look back at my pictures now and I see this beautiful little girl of a perfectly normal size and I am sad that I did not have the strength to see myself for what I was. My parents were supportive and always loving and caring. Most of what I was going through I kept from them, I was just so timid.

The idea that I was fat stuck with me until it became a reality. Now I am paying the price for inaction and my lack of willpower and strength. I take full responsibility for my life choices and now I am stepping forward to do right by myself and create the life I have dreamed of for so many years. I love who I am now, even at the weigh I am now, I think I am beautiful. The idea of turning 50 has been sobering, not that it is old, but that half my life is over and I want to make the second half of my life the best it can be. I feel I am on the right track and I am more than excited to move forward.

So I suppose that is enough rambling for tonight. I want to thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking an interest in this journey of mine, you all have given me strength and I know that I will continue to FLY!

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