Day 2 Flying (04/18/2017)

Day Two Flying



Tuesday Food Journal


Breakfast –

Vitamins taken

1 oat English muffin – 150

1 slice cheese – 60

1 hard boiled egg – 78

½ tbs butter – 50

1 lg cup coffee – 0

2 tbs cream – 100


Breakfast Total – 438


Lunch –

Protein shake w/ 10 oz whole milk – 275

1 yogurt cup – 140

1 bag freeze dried fruit – 40


Lunch Total – 455


Snack –

4 mozzarella sticks – 352

Med diet cherry-limeade – 20


Snack Total – 372


Supper –

1 cup fresh cabbage – 22

½ small onion raw – 22

1 tbs Parmesan cheese – 20

3 small dill pickles – 0


Supper Total – 64


Day Two Calorie Total – 1329


Liquid Intake –

80 oz water

40 oz light iced tea


Today was a bit harder, I was busier and I was not as careful with my planning today so I ended up 29 calories over.  However, I am not going to beat myself up for that, I am still counting this as another win; two days down!!


My youngest son still lives at home with me, while he is in trade school, he is studying to become a gunsmith.  We had a long discussion tonight and he wants to join me on this journey.  He doesn’t need to lose much weight but he wants to get into eating healthier and start working out more.  So he suggested we do some meal planning and prep.  We talked about what we like to eat and how we can work some meal plans into something that will work for both of us.  I am really excited to have him jumping in to help me with this and committing to it.  We have a family dinner every Saturday night at my brother’s house, so we have decided that is the one meal a week we will allow for, I suppose you could say a “cheat” meal.  We will not worry about what we eat but make sure we keep our proportions under control.


I was asked if I have decided on any kind of rewards for myself as an incentive.  After speaking with my son I think I have come up with a few rewards that I can attach to some of my bigger goals.  First, I want to take my grand-kids to the big zoo and aquarium we have in the northern part of the state, as well as Carlsbad Caverns, which is only about two hours from where I live.  Second, I want a new tattoo, so I am going to start a tattoo fund and each week I will put away 5 dollars for each pound I lose.  The faster I lose the sooner I get my next tat!! LOL


Well I suppose that is it for today.  I know this first week is going to be the hardest, but I know that I can do this, one day at a time.


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