Day 1 Flying (04/17/2017)

Day One Flying



Monday Food Journal –


Breakfast –

Vitamins taken

Oat flour English muffin – 150

1 tbs butter – 100

1 slice cheese – 60


Breakfast Total – 310


Lunch –

12 oz Whole milk w/protein powder – 311

1 ½ cup watermelon  – 96

1 Babybel cheese – 70


Lunch Total – 477


Supper –

1 beer brat – 230

2 cups fresh cabbage – 44

1 tbs miracle whip – 40

1 tbs sweet relish – 20


Supper Total – 334


Snack –

Pretzels – 140


Day One Total Calories = 1261


Liquid Intake –

60 oz water

80 oz light iced tea


Day one was really good.  I stayed below my calorie intake level of 1300 per day.  I was able to drink all of the liquid intake I needed.  I did feel hungry later in the day because I had to eat supper a bit earlier than normal, but it wasn’t bad and I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself.


This week is going to be all about getting use to these new eating habits.  I have been on every kind of diet there is and I have lost weight on all of them, but this time is different.  Now that I am older I can tell that my body has changed and I need to have a new way of dealing with losing weight.  Calorie counting isn’t fun but right now it is the best way for me to hold myself accountable.  I know me and if I do to much right at first I will get overwhelmed and want to quit.


So next week I will be adding in exercise.  At the moment I have some mobility issues and I can not walk or stand for extended periods of time, more about why at a later date.  For now I am going to start with seated yoga.  I have found several good instructors online and they have varying degrees of difficulty in their yoga routines.


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